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Martial Arts and NLP Mind Tricks


Are you interested in learning martial arts? Won’t it be great if you can train your mind to learn martial arts faster and in a more effective fashion? Do you think that’s not possible? Well… read on to find out how you can program your mind to be a master fighter.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Scientists have discovered a kind of programming of the mind termed ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ or NLP that has modernized all human functioning enhancements radically. NLP is targeted at observing an expert from any field, identifying, and separating the average from the extraordinary.

The Fundamentals

The basic model of the NLP is taken from any skilled professional of any field. The expert could be a dentist, a lawyer, a sportsman, surfer, or in any area. The modeler studies with precision every aspect of this expert. That includes his or her values, ethics, behavior, habits, etc. The modeler then imitates the expert. Once the modeler becomes adept at this, the person begins to reduce his activity. He discards anything that has no significant effect on his functioning and brings it down to a level where he only needs to work at core techniques that help him gain expertise.

The success of the modeling NLP depends on whether he has been able to train someone else in the technique successfully. If the results are the same, the experiment is a success.

How NLP Can Help Martial Arts

We all know how hard it is to train to become a black belt. One has to train for years and years. It is not just a long process but also an extremely laborious and challenging task. That is what makes it worth it.

NLP puts you on the race faster, giving a better platform to meet this challenge. It will enhance your capabilities and increase your tenacity. In short, it will program you to build your mettle.

The modeling NLP does not claim to make you a genius. Metaphorically speaking it programs your genes to be one. What it does is documents the brain’s knowledge and transfers it by imitating and training. The modelers own capabilities are also an important factor, which grows and develops with more experience.

Martial Arts fuse attack and defense into the same mechanism. When you can do that, your performance is perfect and your mind is clear. Your every move looks pre synchronized as onlookers watch you fight your opponent. Every action is precisely timed and perfectly executed. If you have heard about the ancient masters, you will know how unperturbed their state of mind was even at the most tense moments.

Building the ‘Second You’

It is possible to build on one’s sub consciousness using hypnotherapy. Many experts use hypnosis for all sorts of things but building on one’s neural connections is really what makes you the smart student in martial arts. It is difficult to unlearn things that become part of your sub conscious and muscle memory.

You train both your mind and your body until your every move becomes of secondary nature. Hypnosis can help with teaching your subconscious. It is all a matter of practice that takes you to the art level of martial arts.


Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell are the Renegade Fighter Mental Coaches, pioneering the use of cutting-edge alternative psychology methods like NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology specifically for the combat athlete who wants to dominate their opponents and be victorious.

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